Restarting this old thing

In my wanderings since my last update, I’d like to share that a few things have happened. The place that I taught yoga at had a minor shakeup, some people wandered off to handle their thing, and I went back to my life. This session of teaching, it seemed, was done.

And then I reconnected with someone who told me something incredible: someone needed me. Not as a friend, although I’d like to consider her one. Not as any other role than the one I feel the calling for: a teacher.

The call has come, and I am answering it again. Today starts a new role of teaching, and I will be holding courses again. This time, in my space.

For anyone following this, I will leave this for you (Jan, this means you! LOL)

Meditation – Zero Point Meditation
Yoga Set – Strong as Steel

Today’s meditation will deal with accessing Shunia, or the Zero Point – the part where our temporal self connects with our higher soul.

Zero Point Meditation – four parts (15 minutes):
Part 1 (10 minutes)
Sit in Easy Pose, hands on your knees. Touch thumb to index finger and exert a little pressure. Stick your tongue out. Eyes should be shut and directed toward your third eye center. Long deep breathing, and mentally vibrate Sat Nam (long Sat on inhale, long Nam on exhale). Don’t forger, “sat’ rhymes with ‘mutt’ and ‘nam’ rhymes with ‘mom.’

Part 2 (five minutes)
pull your elbows in and lift your hands about level with your shoulders, near your face. Touch your thumb to the pad just below your pinky finger on each hand. Discontinue your mental chant, but maintain your focus behind closed lid at your third eye and continue your long deep breathing.

Part 3 (three minutes)
Dance! select something spiritually uplifting and dance/sway to it, letting the music dictate your motion while the harmony of the music dials you into the harmony between you and you higher self.

Part 4 (2 minutes)
Come to easy pose again, and put your hands in prayer position. Lift over your head and arch as if your hands were lightning rods seeking to draw lightning from heaven.

Now, inhale, draw your locks and pull the energy up your spine. Exhale. Do this three times total.

Strong as Steel (Please listen to your body – if it hurts or contraindicates anything your doctor says, don’t do it!)

1. Lie on your back, hands by hip. Lift left leg 60 up, and 60 degrees out, in an arc pattern. Set back down on the ground in same motion. Breathe in on lift up, out as leg comes down. 3 minutes.

2. Do the same with the right leg. 3 minutes.

3. Lift both legs up and down at the same time. Start with ankles together, end with legs up and out at the same 60 degree angle. Same breathing pattern. Two minutes.

4. Lie down – long deep breathing for 4 minutes.

5. Lie on back, stretching arms up and interlocking fingers. inhale, and sit up, reaching forward to touch toes. Exhale and lie back. 2 minutes 30 seconds)

6. come into Downward Dog. inhale in usual position, then exhale and push backwards with your arms and shoulder, attempting to put head to floor. inhale back into regular position. Feet remain stationary. 2 minutes.

7. come to half-wheel pose (backbend). If you cannot, then put hands flat to floor and lift hips. Begin breath of fire. 1 minute 30 seconds.

8. Lie on your back and flutter kick – vertical and horizontal. 2 minutes.

9. Lie on your back. Inhale and roll over to lie on your stomach. Exhale and roll back onto your back. Continue. 1 minute 30 seconds.

10. From your back, bring knees to chest and grip toes. Extend legs up while gripping toes. bring knees back to chest while holding toes. 2 minutes.

11. Lie in Child Pose with palms upward. Lift buttt until legs make a 90 degree angle. Relax back into Child’s Pose. 3 minutes.

12. Sit in Easy Pose. Extend arms straight out, and lift one at time from straight out to 45 degrees upward. Return upward up to straight out as the other rises up. 2 minutes.

13. Extend your legs, and reach out to touch your toes. With back straight, go forward, then sit back up without letting go. This pose accesses the physical anger memory sites, so use it to purge the memories recorded in your muscles. 1 minute 30 seconds.

14. IN same pose, arch back and pull on your toes slightly. Pump navel as fast as possible. 1 minute

15. sit in easy pose, one hand in the other, and breathe. 3 minutes.

Now, lie back in Savasana and let your mind integrate. 12 minutes.


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