Motorcycle Yoga Set – Mastering Your Domain

As a biker yogi (Jeez, its been this long and I still snicker at that) I have to feel like I am dialed into the world around me, moreso now that people drive like lunatics entitled to the road in front of them. So, this set is designed (and modified) from a kundalini yoga set that I ran across that gives the yogi(ni) mastery of their domain.

By stimulating the glandular and deep circulatory system, this set helps release tension and refreshes the body and mind, boosting clear thinking and responses, thus assisting in mastering the self and therefore your domain.

The standard warnings apply – don’t do something if it hurts.  Don’t continue if you feel lightheaded or offbalance.  Don’t fall off your bike.  Don’t make your bike fall on you.  Don’t do this if it contraindicates something your doctor says.  Don’t do this on someone else’s bike without permission, and lastly, don’t blame me if something happens – no one told you to do this yoga set.  You are your own beautiful, wonderful person and capable of making your own decisions, which includes choosing to do this and understanding if something happens, it is all on you!

So, that being said, if you choose to continue:

1. Feet on pegs, lie back. Curl your toes toward the sky. Make a circle with your mouth and begin Breath of Fire.
Now, keeping BOF rhythm, lift one foot off the peg, straighten, and lift up til its 90 degrees in relation to your body. set it down. Lift the other leg in the same manner. Alternate legs for five minutes.

Take a deep breath in, sit up, and extend your legs straight out. Release slowly and lie back, continuing BOF and leg raises for another two minutes.

2. Shift your feet to the back pegs, and put your hands on the tank or handlebars. Begin BOF again and alternate extending legs back and up (take care not to hit lights or saddlebags) and back to you. Move at a fairly rapid clip for four minutes.
Now, from there, begin lifting a hand with your leg as you continue BOF. Right hand, left leg. Left hand, right leg. Keep your abs engaged to maintain balance and continue for two minutes.

3. Move feet back to your normal pegs. Place hands at saddle and stand, and lift your butt up until your legs are straight. Bring your butt down until it touches the seat, and extend again. Do this 52 times.

4. Sit in your saddle, feet off pegs and sit in Easy Pose. back straight and arms straight, lift your arms to 60 degrees, palms facing each other. Inhale and lift to 90 degrees, then exhale back to 60 degree position. continue for five minutes while completing a breath every two seconds.

5. In Easy Pose, hand on knees and back straight, with long deep breathing for five minutes.

6. Set feet back on pegs, and recline in a modified corpse pose for 11 minutes.


First New KY Kriya for Bikers!

Vrrooom.... ommmmmmmmmm!

Everyone can get elevated

Come on, admit it.  You ride and you do yoga.  I do – I can’t be the only one who has been seen riding a motorcycle to yoga class.  I know that people must be out there all dressed to ride with a yoga mat on their back or in their saddlebag, ready to get elevated.

Come on… its ok to admit it.  Honest.  I swear.  Look!

See?   Orlando Bloom was caught with a yoga mat and a bike helmet getting ready to do a yoga workout.  Its really just putting the two things we love together, riding and yoga. 

For those of who are not ready to come out of our secretly-granola closet, I’m developing yoga sets based on Kundalini Yoga for bikers.  Your bike will be an integral part of this system, as bikers and machines are often one and the same.  There will be meditations, yoga sets, and mantras you can do on your own at a rest stop, or in your garage, or even during a gas stop.

A little warning – this is not intended to sub for a doctor or any type of medical care.  Don’t hurt yourself.  If it hurts, quit.  If you are unsure of yourself, don’t do that posture.  This is not intended to be used while riding.  Don’t do anything that might entail you falling off your bike and landing on the floor, or doing anything that may cause the bike to fall on you.

Get the idea?  Good.  Let’s be smart.  Its not my fault if you do something and end up falling  – by following these instructions, you are taking your own safety into your hands.  These instructions are for edification only.

That in mind…

This set is based on the Basic Spinal Energy Series.  Bike is parked with side stand down. 

For Beginners:
Anything marked with 108 repetitions can be cut down to 26.
Take a break if you feel the need for it, then continue when you feel ready, especially the breathing portion.
Don’t do the exercise if it starts hurting.
Root lock is like doing a Kegel – squeeze and tighten the anal and genital area and hold it.
Navel point is three fingertips over your belly button.

1.  In Easy Pose (sitting criss-cross) grasp your ankles.  Inhale as you flex your spine forward while pulling on your ankles.  Exhale and flex the spine back.  Use long, deep breathing and find something to gaze at.  The head remains level and does not flip-flop back and forth.  108 repetitions.

2.  Put feet on your pegs/footboards or ground.  Place hands on your thighs and continue as in Part One.  Mentally vibrate “Sat” (sounds like ‘sought’) as you inhale, and “Naam” (like in “nom nom nom” LOL) as you exhale.  Keep your eyes level.  108 repetitions.

3.  With feet on pegs or ground, grasp your shoulders with same-side hand, fingers in front and thumbs in back.  Twist to the left and inhale, twist right and exhale.  Complete 26 twists.

4.  Feet still on pegs or ground.  Grip your hands in bear lock (fingers locked together, thumbs out) and as you inhale, move your left elbow up.  Exhale and lower left elbow as you raise your right elbow.  The motion should be like a seesaw.  Complete 26 times, then raise over head.  Inhale, pull root lock/Mulbanh and hold for 10 seconds.  Exhale and release.

5.  Return to Easy pose on saddle.  Grasp knees and flex spine forward during inhale, and backwards during exhale.  Eyes and head remain level during motion.  Complete 108 times.

6.  In Easy Pose on saddle.  Place hands on knees and raise shoulders as you inhale, and relax during exhale.  To finish, raise shoulders, hold for 15 seconds, then exhale.

7. Still in Easy Pose on saddle.  Roll the head to the right five times, then the left five times.  Inhale as your head rolls to the front, and exhale as it rolls to the back.  Bring head back to a neutral position, inhale and hold for 15 seconds, then exhale.

8.  Still in Easy Pose on your saddle:
A.   Bear grip in front of your throat.  Inhale, and pull root lock, then release.  Exhale and pull root lock again while you hold your breath out. 
B.  Raise bear grip over your head.  Inhale and hold breath while pulling root lock, then release.  Exhale and hold breath out while you pull root lock again.
Repeat A and B for three cycles total.

9.  Put feet back on pegs or ground. Raise your arms up straight over your head.  Interlace fingers and press index fingers together, pointed straight up.  Arms should be next to your ears.  Say “Sat” as you pull your navel point in, and “Naam’ as you release. Continue for 3 minutes.

Notes on this set:
Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine; to stay young, stay flexible. This series works systematically from the base of the spine to the top. All 26 vertebrae receive stimulation and all the chakras receive a burst of energy. 

Many people report greater mental clarity and alacrity after regular practice of this kriya. A contributing factor is the increased circulation of the spinal fluid, which is crucially linked to having a good memory

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