Motorcycle Yogi May Be Back On The Road

So, part of my life outside of yoga is to teach motorcycle safety courses.  I end traveling all over Texas, and generally miss my family while I enjoy teaching people how to do what I love.

Last night, my boss drove down from Dallas to San Antonio to come talk to us about what needs to happen and how its gonna work.  So, on top of teaching at the Shriner Auditorium, I’ll be on the road again a couple of times a months to teach motorcycle safety in other towns.

This weekend’s destination – Midland, Texas!  I get to work with a company-renowned pain in the ass, and was offered the choice to work there on alternating weekends, so after this one time, I don’t have to work with him again!

I like to think that I am a pretty decent RiderCoach, with a good background with working with difficult folk, so I shouldn’t flip out.

This is a mixed bag.  On top of a fatter paycheck for going, I have the dubious comfort of staying at my deceased grandmother’s house. 

How I do is another story, but I will have to face up to the lingering issues concerning my grandmother on top of being professional.

So, on that note…

How to Purge Ghosts and Restore Intuition (a meditation with visualization)

In Easy Pose, raise your arms with palms facing each other and begin moving them together in a figure-eight pattern.  Your torso may rock some with this, but don’t let it be distracting.  Close your eyes and focus on your third eye point.  Allow the darkness behind your eyes to begin isolating yourself from your body, and find the dazzling white light.  Let it raise you up out of yourself.  (up to eleven minutes)

Visualize after you enter the light a vast desert, hot and beautiful.  As you traverse this desert in the air, allow the clinging pains of nagging doubts and regrets fall off into the wastes.  Let the heat purge you and make your pure.  (up to 15 minutes)

Now raise your arms to vertical, keeping the same motion.  In your visualization, let yourself fly up, over the clouds, into the blazing sunshine.  Let the last of the pains, guilts, and sorrows melt off of you.  If you feel the need to cry, let the pain out as you cry, to be purified and cleansed by the sun.  When you are pure and light, descend into a blissful rainforest, lush and full of life.  Let the scents of life fill your spirit as the cool rainforest soothes your purified soul. (up to eleven minutes)

Inhale deeply, and spread your arms wide.  Exhale.  Repeat.

Now see  yourself in the mountains after the snowfall.  Everything is pure and bright.  take in the purity of the fresh snow and allow to bring your soul’s purity to the light. (up to fifteen minutes)

Spread your arms wide again.  Inhale, and exhale.

Bring your hands to your lap, right over left.  Using a gong or recorded gong, allow the vibrations to penetrate as you review your school days, bringing back your most creative energies as you touch on your days from kindergarted, first grade, until you reach your senior year.    Let your incoporeal self absorb it all, until you are filled with your own creative energies.

Bring yourself back to your body.  Open your mouth and breathe through it, without your teeth touching. (3 minutes)

Begin breathing through your nose, inhaling and exhaling as slow as you can.  Let the purity, creativity, and sense of self merge back into your physical being, and reach out with your soul to God.  Bathe in the light of God, the love of God, the sense that God is with you. (3 minutes)

Praise God with heart and song.  If you would prefer, play Rakhe Rakhanhaar and try to follow the mantra.  (six minutes)

Deep breath in, pull all three body locks.  Exhale, and relax.




Motorcycle Yoga Set – Mastering Your Domain

As a biker yogi (Jeez, its been this long and I still snicker at that) I have to feel like I am dialed into the world around me, moreso now that people drive like lunatics entitled to the road in front of them. So, this set is designed (and modified) from a kundalini yoga set that I ran across that gives the yogi(ni) mastery of their domain.

By stimulating the glandular and deep circulatory system, this set helps release tension and refreshes the body and mind, boosting clear thinking and responses, thus assisting in mastering the self and therefore your domain.

The standard warnings apply – don’t do something if it hurts.  Don’t continue if you feel lightheaded or offbalance.  Don’t fall off your bike.  Don’t make your bike fall on you.  Don’t do this if it contraindicates something your doctor says.  Don’t do this on someone else’s bike without permission, and lastly, don’t blame me if something happens – no one told you to do this yoga set.  You are your own beautiful, wonderful person and capable of making your own decisions, which includes choosing to do this and understanding if something happens, it is all on you!

So, that being said, if you choose to continue:

1. Feet on pegs, lie back. Curl your toes toward the sky. Make a circle with your mouth and begin Breath of Fire.
Now, keeping BOF rhythm, lift one foot off the peg, straighten, and lift up til its 90 degrees in relation to your body. set it down. Lift the other leg in the same manner. Alternate legs for five minutes.

Take a deep breath in, sit up, and extend your legs straight out. Release slowly and lie back, continuing BOF and leg raises for another two minutes.

2. Shift your feet to the back pegs, and put your hands on the tank or handlebars. Begin BOF again and alternate extending legs back and up (take care not to hit lights or saddlebags) and back to you. Move at a fairly rapid clip for four minutes.
Now, from there, begin lifting a hand with your leg as you continue BOF. Right hand, left leg. Left hand, right leg. Keep your abs engaged to maintain balance and continue for two minutes.

3. Move feet back to your normal pegs. Place hands at saddle and stand, and lift your butt up until your legs are straight. Bring your butt down until it touches the seat, and extend again. Do this 52 times.

4. Sit in your saddle, feet off pegs and sit in Easy Pose. back straight and arms straight, lift your arms to 60 degrees, palms facing each other. Inhale and lift to 90 degrees, then exhale back to 60 degree position. continue for five minutes while completing a breath every two seconds.

5. In Easy Pose, hand on knees and back straight, with long deep breathing for five minutes.

6. Set feet back on pegs, and recline in a modified corpse pose for 11 minutes.

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